The Evolving Role of Women in the UAE

Since its founding more than 40 years ago, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has encouraged women to break into fields traditionally dominated by men. In accordance with the tenets of Islam, the UAE Constitution guarantees equal rights for women and men. In today’s economic and social landscape, women are viewed as equal partners and important contributors to sustainable development.

In the political sphere, four ministerial seats in the cabinet are held by women. In addition, women represent 17.5 percent of the partially elected representative body of the UAE. Three women currently serve as UAE ambassadors, and four have been appointed as judges in the domestic judicial system. In terms of business, the UAE recently mandated that a certain percentage of board seats be occupied by women. In addition to helping women obtain leadership roles in prominent organizations, the mandate encourages innovation and diversity in the workplace. Women have also made considerable breakthroughs in areas such as education, sports, and health care.


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