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Arab Health 2015 Expo Highlights World’s Medical Tech

Earlier this year, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, hosted The Arab Health 2015 Exhibition & Congress, second-largest medical technology and service trade show in the world. The event took place at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre from January 26-29

Medical professionals and health industry representatives flocked from all over the world to participate in the four-day conference, which included forums and training workshops on a wide variety of medical specialties, from anesthesiology to urology. The congress also held meetings on broader issues such as public health, big data in medicine, and quality management.

The 2015 show attracted well over 4,000 exhibitors from 40 different countries, including, for the first time, visitors from Thailand, Indonesia, and Bahrain. China and Germany were especially well represented this year, with delegations from 579 and 461 companies, respectively. UAE itself sent representatives from more than 250 corporations.

The trade show allowed countless companies to showcase their most innovative medical technologies and services. While a number of ultra-high-profile industry names like GE Healthcare and Siemens attended, the expo also spotlighted many lesser-known names. One such company is GBUK Ltd, a British medical device manufacturer specializing in medical tubing and connectors. Prior to Arab Health 2015, the company had played a key role in establishing global design standards for such technologies. By attending the January conference, GBUK aimed to boost brand awareness among health care professionals around the world, and to cement partnerships with international distributors.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the Arab Health Exhibition & Congress looks set to gain in prominence in the future as both public- and private-sector health interests confront increasingly complex issues. Worldwide trends such as aging populations, the rise of non-communicable diseases, and shortages of healthcare workers necessitate meetings like Arab Health 2015 to bring together the innovative medical minds and businesses that can create and distribute state-of-the-art technologies to the people who need them.


The Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre

Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre pic Over the past several decades, Dubai has invested heavily in a broad range of cultural initiatives. The Dubai Culture & Arts Authority currently oversees all cultural activities and projects, including the Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre (DFYT). Since 2009, DFYT has provided an important venue for aspiring theatre professionals to hone their skills and meet other like-minded individuals.

Throughout the years, DFYT has brought together talented actors, directors, and playwrights to create and reenact many different types of performances. The festival also provides valuable instruction for technical crafts such as make-up art, stage and costume design, and lighting.

Since its early days, DFYT has grown from a small mentorship program to an important educational milestone for the area’s theatre community. Youth who earn accolades at DFYT gain access to a wide variety of career opportunities in media and performing arts.