5 Most Amazing International Airports In The World

5 Most Amazing International Airports In The World

Most airports have a tendency to be practical and simple, they just get the job done in the most efficient manner and are designed that way. There are however, some that make the difference between a great trip and an awful traveling experience. It is important to consider benefits and also other extra perks some airports may offer. Tourist sometimes travel with many bags or a large family, or busy executives sometimes must spend long waits at lounges and boarding gates; both of these types of traveler would appreciate the benefits that a comfortable waiting area has to offer to make their idle time a pleasurable experience. Here we have some of the most comfortable and luxurious airports in the world.

Hong Kong International Airport.

Opened in June of 1998. The base of the airport is a island intertwined by bridges and tunnels where a series of trains and other ground transport operates. It was build upon the small Chek Lap Kok Island and because of this, the airport is also known as Chek Lap Kok Airport. Amongst the services offered there are Internet access points, currency exchange offices, ATMs, a medical center, pharmacy, resting areas, massage parlors, conference rooms and a nine-hole golf course where passengers can spend their leisure time during layovers. The place is famous for its many options of fine dining and its commitment to cleanliness and order. In 2012 the airport added a third runway thus increasing its capacity. It receives about 56.1 million passengers a year.

Singapore Changi Airport.

Opened since 1981. It has about 919 skylights that allow the pass of natural light and those same panels light up during the night. It has Jacuzzi, spa, indoor gardens, movie theatres, karaoke bar, a four-story-high slide, seats equipped with alarms so you don’t miss your boarding time, areas with hammocks and lots of green; all of these is free to passengers. The carpeted floors always impeccable, contrast with the gardens and evergreen decorations that you can see all around you and the soothing musical themes that perfectly mix with the relaxing environment. The airport also has an outdoor pool and a butterfly garden. This airport is a perfect place to have a long layover, even if you travel with children, since a lot of their facilities are especially inclusive of families and offer entertainment for everyone in your party. It services about 51.2 million passengers a year.

Singapore Changi Airport_aviation law_aviation_shahram shirkhani
Image courtesy of Steve Lacey at Flickr.com

Munich  Airport.

It has been in operation since 1992. Considered one of the best, most modern and efficient airports in the world. It currently has two terminals that meet at Munich Airport Center. It receives inbound flights from all of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the United States and Canada amongst others. The place is admired for it’s beautiful glass and see-through architecture that gives it a much more spacious feel. It has multiple VIP rooms for passengers to relax as they spend their layover in a relaxing atmosphere. Shopping here is a great experience with more than 150 name brand stores and with over 50 places to eat in comfort. It was voted the best airport in central Europe and World’s Best Airport for Dining. It services around 38.4 million passengers a year.

Munich airport._aviation law_aviation_shahram shirkhani
Image courtesy of vjpaul at Flickr.com

Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Located in Malaysia, it opened the 27th of June of 1998. Considered one of the most beautiful airports in the world. Its design is based in an airport in the jungle, or the jungle in an airport. It’s surrounded by trees, green spaces and an actual piece of the jungle, roots and all was transplanted to make its home there. It has a large number of information desks and kiosks for self-service located throughout the whole airport and its satellite holding areas. The main building has banks, currency exchange offices, ATMs, free Internet access and a huge selection of places to drink and dine. There are all kinds of stores for shopping from books and clothes to toys and electronics. It also has a daycare, play areas and a 24-hour clinic. It services about 48.2 million passengers a year.

Zurich Airport.

This is the largest international airport in Switzerland and with a significant expansion in 2003. It opened in 1959. It has two terminals where you can find great services and comfort for passengers like VIP rooms, cafes, pastry shops, restaurants, bars, clothing and cosmetic stores and many others. Their access to public transportation is greatly admired. The airport won Best Baggage Delivery Service in Europe; partly due to their innovative porter service that picks ups and delivers your luggage from and to any place in the airport. It also has an automated train called the Skymetro to shuttle travelers around. It services about 24.8 million passengers a year.


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