The most dangerous and scariest airports in the US

The most dangerous and scariest airports in the US

Safety is one of the things you always naturally expect when you decide to travel by plane. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is the authority that not only oversees all aspects of American civil aviation but among its functions, it also regulates it in terms of safety promotion through the AVS organization (Aviation Safety), which is in charge of all the certifications this matter requires in order to guarantee exactly what every passenger minimally expects: safety.

This means that every airport´s safety in the US is regulated to make sure any accidents or unexpected events are caused, avoiding any possible risks for the passengers and people involved in the operation. The truth is, despite the uncountable safety measures applied on air travel, there are still a lot of passengers that cannot control their fear of flying, especially when some airports have certain conditions that don´t look completely reliable in terms of safety.

Flying is still one of the safest ways to travel from one place to another, but every airport, every city, country and environment is different, so there may be some airports that are just scarier than others and there are also some airports that are truly more dangerous than others.

The FAA continuously evaluates the safety statistics of airports in the US, including the number of runway incidents and the chances of collision.  Here are the lists of the scariest and the so called “dangerous” airports in the US.

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5 airports in the US that have had accidents in the past and were cataloged as “dangerous”

The Dallas Fort Worth international Airport

With planes flying too close together, along with controllers that haven´t notified their colleagues when a plane is cleared for takeoff and additionally, regulation authorities that have been covering up these kind of mistakes and at some point blaming the pilots for many issues, are very good reasons for considering this airport as one of the most dangerous ones in the US

Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport

This airport had a collision of two Jets in the past. Safety measures have been improved but still it has the risk and people feel the uncertainty in this matter.

Miami International Airport

A few years ago, a catering truck collided with a plane. Both vehicles were damaged but no passenger was hurt.

Cleveland Hopkins Airport

It turns out several overnight shift controllers had to be suspended because they were continuously taking naps, playing videogames and watching DVD movies instead of directing the air traffic. Even though they said they did it when the traffic was light, this still represents a huge risk for the flights and their passengers.

The Chicago O’Hare

Two airplanes collided in the tarmacs of this airplane. This made the Chicago O’Hare a dangerous airport at one point.

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The 7 so-called “scariest” airports in the US

Aspen/Pitkin County Airport

Landing in this airport is not that simple. Pilots must be certified for this special landing between two snowy mountains at a high altitude including a swift descent.

John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana

The special thing about this airport is that it has very strict noise reduction policies. This means pilots have to do whatever is in their hands to ascend quickly and then all of the sudden, cut back the plane’s engines.

Midway International Airport, Chicago

The short runways in this airport are about 2000 ft. shorter than other airport. The airport is surrounded by neighborhoods that will always be at risk.

Yeager Airport in Charleston

This airport’s runway is shorter than regular runways and it is located on top of a flattened mountain. It is also in the middle of two cliffs, so miscalculation cannot happen because in case that happens there will be nowhere else to go but down.

San Diego International Airport

This airport is located downtown and it has mountains to its north and its east. On its south is Mexico and on its west it normally gets tailwinds which are not very convenient for takeoffs and landings.

Catalina Airport, Avalon, CA

This airport is called “the Airport in the sky”, because of it high elevation. Turbulence is very common here and the runway drops off on both of its sides. The runway is also very raised in the middle.

Reagan National Airport, Washington, DC

The Reagan National Airport is located in between two no-fly zones. Pilots must be very careful on takeoff. The must ascend very fast and avoid flying over the White House.



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