Entrepreneurship Forum Brings Together Women Leaders of UAE and UK

World Economic Forum pic The World Economic Forum has reported in recent years that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) enjoys the greatest degree of gender equality in business of any nation in the Middle East-North Africa region. Armed with this positive statistic, the chairperson of the Emirates Business Women Council, Maryam Mohammed Al Rumaithi, addressed a visiting delegation of officials representing British women entrepreneurs and business owners.

At the meeting held in Abu Dhabi in mid-February 2015, Ms. Al Rumaithi credited the UAE government with empowering women to pursue leadership roles in business and the nonprofit sector. Citing the historically close economic ties between the UAE and the UK, she also noted the successes of ongoing cooperative efforts between the two nations in developing solutions to the region’s economic challenges.

With this in mind, Ms. Al Rumaithi discussed possibilities for joint entrepreneurship training efforts between women in the UK and the UAE. The forum evaluated strategies for taking current best practices in the UK and adapting them to the UAE, with the goal of broadening avenues for educating and qualifying women for business in the Emirates.

By addressing the growing role of women in business, the joint forum in Abu Dhabi aimed to raise the profile of women in enterprise and to boost economic opportunities for all.