A Brief Guide to Renting Property in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) plays host to a thriving rental market. For the most part, renting property in the UAE is just like renting property in Europe and the United States. In general, you should always conduct extensive research via rental websites and newspapers. Many prospective renters in the UAE use registered agents to help them find the property that most closely matches their needs.

In many cases, tenants must register with the government of the emirate in which they will be living. In Dubai, renters must submit a legal contract that clearly outlines the responsibilities of both landlord and tenant. Once signed, such contracts cannot be altered. In Abu Dhabi, a similar system, known as Tawtheeq, guarantees the rights of tenants and landlords. Visitors to the UAE must also provide a copy of their passports, submit proof of residency, and pay 5% of their annual rent as a security deposit.