Fees for Passport Renewals Decrease for UK Expatriates

UK government officials recently announced a dramatic reduction in passport renewal fees, effective April 7. The new fee schedule affects UK expatriates applying for a new passport while living abroad, thus making the change a welcome one for UK citizens living in the United Arab Emirates and other countries.

Under the new fee schedule, a 32-page passport for an adult will cost £83 (approximately Dh507), while a 32-page passport for a child will cost £53 (about Dh324). Renewal fees for the longer, 48-page passport will set both adult and juvenile applicants back £91(about Dh556).

The new, reduced fees are due in part to an increase in cost efficiency resulting from the 2010 move of passport renewal and application processing to a more central location in Dusseldorf, Germany. Passport application and renewal fees for UK citizens submitting applications within the United Kingdom also decreased by £5 in 2012.