UAE to Allow Visa-Free Entry to Citizens of 13 EU Countries

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs of recently announced the passing of a new law that would allow citizens of 13 European Union member countries to enter the UAE without first applying for visas. Instead, citizens of the Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Estonia, Malta, Cyprus, and several EU member countries in the Eastern Bloc will receive visas upon entry to the UAE. The new law was preceded by a mandate passed by the European Parliament allowing UAE citizens to visit any country in the European Union’s passport-free zone without a visa.

Previously, the United Arab Emirates allowed visa-free entry to citizens of other EU countries, thus the new referendum simply expands the older law by extending that right to citizens of all EU countries. Officials expect the new visa exemptions to boost the already flourishing UAE economy through additional tourism dollars. The new law will also give the families of UAE immigrants the ability to visit much more easily.