UAE to Build Two Waste-Burning Energy Plants

The United Arab Emirates plans to simultaneously reduce landfill waste and produce clean energy by constructing waste-burning plants in the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. While the Abu Dhabi plant has yet to receive official approval, the facility in Sharjah should be operational by 2015. Government agencies will build both plants at a cost of Dh3 billion each.

A project of the government company Bee’ah, which specializes in environmental services, the plant in Sharjah is part of Bee’ah’s ongoing efforts to reduce waste in the emirate. The company already conducts a materials recovery program in which it takes and processes recyclables from landfills, as well as a more traditional recycling program. When the project gains the final go-ahead, the emirate’s national energy company Taqa will build the Abu Dhabi waste-burning plant according to emissions standards set by the European Union. The facility is expected to burn one million tons of landfill garbage each year, at an energy output of 100 megawatts.