The Early History of Millfield Senior School

Tehran-based law professor and transactional attorney Shahram Shirkhani built a well-rounded educational foundation through attendance at schools in the United Kingdom, the United States, and his native Iran. Prior to receiving his BBA from the University of Miami in Florida and his PhD from Islamic Azad University in Tehran, Shahram Shirkhani graduated from Millfield Senior School, a coeducational boarding and day school located in Somerset, England.

Founded in 1935 by professional cricket player and educator Jack Meyer, Millfield transitioned into a coed school just four years after its formation, making it one of the first English schools to do so. Millfield also proved distinctive in its attention to both academic and athletic excellence, with numerous alumni moving on to enduring careers in professional sports. In addition, Millfield rose to prominence in the 1940s for its attention to students with dyslexia and its development of the “Millfield method,” created to help student Martin Attlee, son of Deputy Prime Minister Clem Attlee. At present, Millfield, in conjunction with its preparatory school, serves 1,700 day and boarding students.