Shahram Shirkhani: What is Oil Industry Investment Company?

As a transactional attorney in Iran, Shahram Shirkhani has worked with a number of key businesses in the oil and gas sector, growing the industry through various financing and acquisition-based deals. To this end, Shahram Shirkhani led the acquisition of Oil Industry Investment Company (OIIC), a conglomerate of 30-plus companies active in the exploration, refining, and distribution of oil and gas products.

The fourth-ranked owner of oil reserves and second-ranked owner of gas reserves in Iran, OIIC possesses 130 billion barrels of oil and 27 trillion cubic meters of gas. A publicly-traded legal entity listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange, OIIC consists of several subsidiaries involved in various engineering and development projects, oil and gas trading, aircraft fueling, and worldwide transport. In addition to oil and gas, OIIC previously worked in the fields of road construction, polyethylene compound production, and parts manufacturing. Presently, OIIC plays a principal role in offshore drilling and refining in the Qeshm region.