An Overview of Iran Khodro Company by Shahram Shirkhani

Before taking his current position as a partner at the International Law Firm of Shirkhani & Alavi, Dr. Shahram Shirkhani helped found International Law & Trade Consultants. Working out of the company’s Tehran, Iran, office, Dr. Shahram Shirkhani consulted on deals for major Iranian businesses, including a $100 million credit facility for Iran Khodro Company.

Iran Khodro got its start in 1962 manufacturing buses out of chassis imported from Germany. The company has been expanding ever since. In 1966, it began building its first model of sedan. By 1977, it had built 98,000 Paykan sedans and had begun manufacturing pickup trucks, minibuses, and ambulances as well.

Today, Iran Khodro manufactures cars for Peugeot and Suzuki in addition to building vehicles of its own design. In 2010, it set a new record by producing 755,555 vehicles and capturing close to half of its regional market. The company has won awards from Iran’s Industrial Management Organization for its sales, profitability, creation of jobs, and more. For additional information on Iran Khodro, visit its website at