The Evolution of Islamic Azad University

Over the course of his career, Dr. Shahram Shirkhani has maintained strong links to Tehran, Iran’s Islamic Azad University. Dr. Shahram Shirkhani earned his Ph.D. in law from the institution, and he joined its faculty as an associate professor in 1988.

Islamic Azad University was founded in the early 1960s to provide higher education in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The university opened with a class of 200, admitted to six bachelor’s degree programs and one associate’s degree program. It has since grown dramatically; today, Islamic Azad University employs 11 faculty teams and offers over 180 courses of study in science, technology, and engineering; architecture; fine arts; humanities; and more. The school has expanded its degree offerings as well and now confers master’s degrees and doctorates.

Students at the university study at its three well-equipped campuses. In total, the university operates 157,000 square meters of educational space, including 12 libraries, 58 laboratories, and 56 workshops. The university’s main campus in Tehran educates nearly 40,000 students and employs a faculty of 1,000 and a support staff of 950.