Dr. Shahram Shirkhani: UK Prioritizes Increasing Business with the UAE

International legal consultant Dr. Shahram Shirkhani specializes in commercial law, finance, and banking. Over the course of his career as a founding partner with international law firm Shirkhani & Alavi, Dr. Shahram Shirkhani has worked with a wide range of clients from the UK and the UAE.

In recent years, the UK has placed a particular emphasis on enhancing its business relationship with the UAE. Through its embassies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the UK sets out to improve the reputation of the UK business climate, increase the frequency of commercial partnerships, and encourage Emirati entities to invest in UK projects and companies.

To accomplish its mission, the UK provides advice and support to the UAE as it attempts to foster a climate of overall market growth. The UK also draws upon its existing relationships with international partners to work toward a stable, open, and environmentally friendly world economy.

To learn more about British efforts to improve trade with the UAE, visit www.gov.uk.