Dr. Shahram Shirkhani: An Overview of the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015

Tehran-based international legal consultant Dr. Shahram Shirkhani possesses a wealth of experience in fields such as commercial law, banking, and finance. Dr. Shahram Shirkhani has worked closely with clients in countries around the world, including the UK and the UAE. In recent years, the emirate of Dubai has emerged as one of fastest growing entities in the world, due in large part to the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015.

To continue its plan of developing and maintaining a major thriving city, the government of Dubai will enact policies that attract individuals and businesses. In particular, the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015 sets out to sustain economic growth, protect the interests of nationals, develop human resources, and promote government modernization. In terms of economic development, the Dubai Strategic Plan will further its adoption of free market principles, improve the accuracy and speed of project execution, and develop strategic partnerships with participants in the private sector.