Work Continues to Fight Poverty and Hunger in Iran By Shahram Shirkhani

Despite recent successes in increasing income, life expectancy, and education in Iran, the country still faces challenges in eradicating hunger and poverty. Several nonprofit and charitable groups, including local and international organizations, strive to improve Iran’s economy and its people’s quality of life.

According to a recent report entitled “Measurement and Economic Analysis of Urban Poverty,” about half of Iran’s population who reside in cities live below the poverty line and struggle to survive on their family’s income. Some residents recently have taken extraordinary efforts to communicate with Iran’s leadership about the conditions they face.

With reports detailing an increasing disparity between rich and poor as well as the marginalization of groups like women and youth, charitable organizations continue to seek ways to improve the health and welfare of the Iranian people. Fortunately, the country’s vast natural resources and growing educated population are strengths that can be leveraged to address these problems.

About the Author

Attorney Shahram Shirkhani supports Islamic charitable groups that work to eliminate hunger and disease in Iran.


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