“Millfield Senior School Enjoys Decades of Success,” by Shahram Shirkhani

Founded in 1935, Millfield Senior School in Somerset, England, has a legacy of helping students achieve their potential. The school began with a handful of pupils, mostly young princes from India, who boarded in a residence called Millfield House while attending the new school. In 1939, Millfield became one of the first independent schools in the area to admit boys and girls. The school currently enrolls more than 1,200 students ages 13 to 18.

The school has long been revered for its students’ athletic achievements, though many have found success in myriad other fields. Millfield Senior School’s alumni include Hollywood actress Nicollette Sheridan; BBC chief political correspondent John Sergeant; and Duncan Goodhew, who won Olympic gold in swimming.

Students continue to achieve in sports. Recent 2012 accomplishments include an unbeaten rugby team that took home the St. Joseph’s Festival Cup and the Year 10 tennis team, which won a national title.

About the Author

Shahram Shirkhani attended Millfield Senior School, where he won numerous athletic awards and was a standout member of the swimming and diving teams.


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